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Wood Industries
Office furniture

We manufacture all types of wooden office furniture used in companies, factories and administrative bodies

Some need a small desk and a chair

Some companies need a workstation, administrative offices, shelves for storage and archives.

Some offices they have spaces that need luxury offices and sofas

All types and shapes of office furniture are available at Al-Mashreq for doors and wood and metal industries

We own a special factory for metal industries in which all kinds of office furniture are manufactured

Hotel furniture

Al-Mashreq Contracting Group, own a special factory for wood industries

We manufacture all kind of furniture for all purposes and uses, we focus on design and high quality products. The company has a team of 50 highly skilled employees, designers and technicians

We work closely with the construction team and designers on hotel projects to ensure high quality products are manufactured and delivered in a timely manner


Home kitchen furniture is the most important pieces of furniture for your home. The types of kitchens vary according to the type of wood used in the structure, unit doors and drawers, the quality of the veneer such as the polylac, UV LAC, lacquer, acrylic, HPL, aluminum or wood

Of course, each material has technical specifications that distinguish it from other materials. Therefore, the designers of Al-Mashreq Group are interested in explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the most suitable for your kitchen.The most important characteristic of kitchen manufacturing materials is their resistance to pressure and scratches, resistance to the reproduction of insects and bacteria, ease of cleaning, ability for future maintenance, ability to maintain the degree of gloss and luster and color homogeneity with the rest of the home or company decor elements

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