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Metal Industries
Office Furniture

Some need a small desk and a chair

Some companies need a workstation, administrative offices, shelves for storage and archives

Some offices they have spaces that need luxury offices and sofas

All types and shapes of office furniture are available at Al-Mashreq for doors and wood and metal industries

We own a special factory for metal industries in which all kinds of office furniture are manufactured

Lockers and cabinets

We manufacture all kinds of lockers for clubs, employees and workers

The lockers are made of cold-rolled sheet iron, the thickness of the sheet is 0.8 mm. Each side has ventilation holes + lock + hook + place to put the name, and It was painted with high-quality electrostatic epoxy paints

Shelves and storage units

Supermarket shelves: One of the basic things when preparing commercial projects for foodstuffs in order to attract the customer in terms of shape and attractiveness

Store shelves: Shelves units are usually made of imported iron, which are columns of different shapes according to the purpose which are going to be used in. Some of them are mounted to the wall, and some are units, which are easy to move from one place to another

It is characterized by lower supports that increase the load-bearing strength of the rack

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