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Hospital doors

Hospitals are one of the most vital facilities in our communities, where patients receive care until they recovery. For this reason, hospital room doors must have features such as fire resistance and   safe to provide a healthy environment for the patient and the hospital staff

At emergency exits in hospitals, wide doors are used with two shutters

In order to ensure the flow of people quickly and smoothly in the event of a fire, the doors must be fire-resistant. These doors are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning

It should also be noted here that hospital rooms have special doors as well, such as those used in CT rooms

This type of door is equipped with an insulating layer that effectively prevents the leakage and spread of radiation.

In general, hospitals have a distinctive privacy, where the doors used must have other advantages than ordinary doors they must be fire-resistant and safe

Fire resistant doors

Al-Mashreq company provides many various fire-resistant doors types with one or two shutters, and it can be connected to the fire control center

Because they are safe and reliable doors, they are used in fire pump rooms, equipment rooms, entrance doors, and fire fighting pump room equipment in both commercial and public buildings, homes and others

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are made of solid wood, which has a high degree of hardness up to 600 grams per cubic centimeter

Where wood is obtained, stored and processed in an environmentally friendly and non-polluting manner

There are many types of wood, such as African Sapele, Cherry and Oak, these three are the most common

Metal Doors

Protects the room during a fire from the penetration of high temperatures, flames, smoke and carbon monoxide. Recently, such doors have been installed not only in those buildings where fire safety systems require it, but in apartments and houses

Metal door advantages:

During a fire, it acts as an obstacle to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in order to take the necessary actions to evacuate people and nearby buildings

These types of doors have a special size and design in order to facilitate the movement of the firefighters and equipment to easily can reach the fire place

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