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Advanced Brilliance in Metal Forming


About us

Al-Mashreq Company for Doors and Wood and Metal Industries was established in 2010. The company started with a factory that manufactures all kinds of metal doors such as (fire-resistant doors - wood and steel security doors)

Because we succeeded in this field, we established a factory for metal forming to serve the metal industries and for manufacturing all kinds of office furniture such as shelves, storage units, wall mounts, kitchen and hotel equipment, and cable trays

Metal Industries

We also have a factory specialized in forming metals from iron and stainless steel with the highest technology of metal forming from computer-programmed shaping and punching. Everything related to metals is manufactured from office furniture, shelving and storage units, wall mounts, display investments, and metal doors of all kinds, hotels and kitchens


Wood industries

The company is distinguished by its ability to carry out all kinds of wood and carpentry works for hospitals, banks and all administrative places such as installing wood door frames, wooden doors, and cladding and manufacturing all kinds of wood furniture

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